Colorado Certified Burn Program

The Colorado Certified Burner program was developed to bring more thoughtful and comprehensive planning into the world of prescribed fire on private lands. By training and certifying private entities to plan and implement prescribed fire in a more systematic and educated manner, similar to that required by policy for natural resource and fire management agencies at,all levels of government, the end result would be to promote the relatively safe and efficient use of fire as a management tool regardless of land ownership., The program is also designed to,provide some level of civil liability protection for those trained and certified entities
According to Senate Bill 13-083, which is also known as the Colorado Prescribed Burning Act”, a private landowner or landowner designee who is certified by the Division as a Certified Burner or qualified by National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) standards as a Prescribed Burn Boss is not liable for civil damages for acts or omissions made in good faith resulting in damage or injury caused by fire or smoke resulting from prescribed burns they conduct on the landowner’s property and in compliance with applicable state laws and local ordinances, unless such private landowner’s or designee’s acts or omissions are grossly negligent or willful and wanton.
Please reference the Colorado Certified Burner Handbook for further information or contact the Division for more specifics about this program and upcoming Certified Burner Classes.
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